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Video Production

Product Services & Pricing

to save money Contact Us & bundle services. Please read Terms & Condtins before purchasing.

{Logo /Business Branding}

Business logo, Imprint publishing logo,

$60.00 USD

Individual Promo Material: Banners, teasers, bookmarks, business cards or postcards

$45.00 USD each

Book Promo package: Includes one banner (plus conversion of banner to multiple platforms) one teaser, and one print promo such as flyer, bookmark/ business card or postcard

$100.00 USD

Additional Banners and Teasers add onto promo package

$15.00 USD each

{Custom Book Covers}

Affordable covers for Indie Authors - eBook and print sleeve as well as up to four revisions sessions included.

Simple Cover

$200 USD

Complex Cover 

$300.00 USD

{Pre-made Book Covers}

Only text and minor changes can be made with out additional fees 

eBook only

$60.00 USD

Full print sleeve & eBook combo

$100.00 USD

Audio Book

$45.00 USD

{Blurb Book Trailers}

A simple trailer including the books blurb, book cover images author info/ social sites and places to purchase.

$60.00 USD

Flat Rate

{HD Quality Book trailers & Promo Videos}

Includes HD quality stock footage fitting with the books description/ business and the customer's version. (Commercial license for these clips will be purchased as part of the cost of the trailer.) 

$150.00 USD

Stock footage video

Original footage shot by Green Cloak Design.

$300.00 USD

 Original Footage Video


Simple Black and White Illustration

$35.00 USD

Complex Color Illustration ‚Äč

$80.00 USD

Territory/World maps

$260.00 USD

Please Contact us to purchase services